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Through its comprehensive strategy, NutriQuest® improves the way animal producers succeed and flourish.

NutriQuest®, founded in 2007, is a team of industry-leading animal experts serving animal producers by delivering targeted breakthrough solutions aimed at improving profitability and filling an important need.

At NutriQuest we feel privileged to have a leadership role in the animal industry and have a strong sense of stewardship for animal production and serving our customers. Through collaboration with industry participants, technology providers, and customers, NutriQuest is continually working on behalf of animal producers to fill critical needs and provide a high level of value.

NutriQuest has an unending commitment to the interest of its customers and the animal production industries.

Customer Servant

We are servants to livestock and poultry producers with a principle goal of improving their competitive position and prosperity.


We are committed to finding practical solutions to difficult problems by working hard, thinking “outside the box” and not giving up.

Candor with Care

We communicate openly and honestly with the best interest of each other, NutriQuest and the Greater Good in mind.


We collaborate to multiply each other’s potential and are committed to building and sustaining relationships that are fair and mutually beneficial.


We foster an environment of integrity and mutual respect that offers an opportunity for growth and fulfillment in an entrepreneurial culture.


We hold ourselves to high standards of discipline and rigor in our approach to deliver the best products, services and value to our customers.


Steve Weiss

CEO & Co-Founder

Kim Friesen.jpg

Kim Friesen, PhD



Deb Gretillat

VP of Human Resources


Nick Gales

Chief Financial Officer

nutriquest_2213 - Dan Schimek.jpg

Dan Schimek

Director of Innovation & Nutrition Consulting

Nutriquest-0062 - Sanjeev.jpg

Sanjeev Anand, DVM, PhD

VP of Business Development

Copy of Nutriquest-9018 - Mark McCulley.jpg

Mark McCulley

Director of Merchandising

Copy of CaseyWestphalen.jpg

Casey Westphalen

Managing Director of Business Solutions


Jodi Miller

Regulatory Manager

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