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Swine Nutrition Solutions

For independent swine producers, NutriQuest Swine Nutrition Solutions is a team of experienced nutritionists, who partner with customers to develop an unbiased, customized nutrition program that your business can internalize and apply for improved profitability.

How we work together

  • Utilize by-product ingredients to accurately determine their value and controlling the risks associated with their use.

  • Formulate on the most current requirement information available for specific genetic maternal and sire lines.

  • Evaluate nutritional technologies that can improve performance or lower cost with an unbiased approach to product use.

  • Flexibility in services provided and fee structure.

Meet the Swine Nutritionists

Chad Hagen, Ph.D.

NutriQuest Co-Founder & Swine Nutrition Advisor

  • 25+ years of swine research & development nutrition & production

  • Developed multiple patented products to improve animal health & meat quality

  • Dedicated to serving the producers & improving their over production systems

Chad Hagen.jpg

Dustin Dean, Ph.D.

Senior Nutritionist


  • 18+ years in swine nutrition & production

  • Extensive background in byproduct valuation & feed application

  • Enjoys teaching producers about nutrition programs & how to leverage opportunities in the ingredient markets

  • Passionate about improving swine production

nutriquest_2300 - Dustin Dean130x157.jpg

Nick Shelton, Ph.D.

Swine Nutritionist

  • 10+ years in swine nutrition and production

  • Strong background in formulation optimization & econmics modeling

  • Diverse career experience in feed applications with by-product

  • Dedicated to creating customized nutritional programs that optimize the economics & performance for each customer

nutriquest_1925 - Nick SheltonDS.jpg
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