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Poultry Research

NutriQuest® is dedicated to research that delivers innovative solutions that provide consistent and reliable results for producers and their operations. We are passionate about understanding the needs of our customers and providing research-proven products that are applicable in everyday production.

NutriQuest Innovation Targets

  • Immunity Support

  • Performance Support

  • Water Delivered Solutions

NutriQuest has partnered with Southern Poultry Research Group, Inc. in its state of the art poultry research center. NutriQuest’s long-term research agreement with Southern Poultry Research Group, Inc. owned and operated by Dr. Charles Hofacre and his wife, Christa. In addition, NutriQuest. has a strong collaborative relationship with Dr. Gregory Mathis, owner, and operator of Southern Poultry Research, Inc.

Meet the Researcher

Ran Song, Ph.D.

Director of  Swine/Poultry Innovation

  • Completed her Ph.D. at the University of Minnesota in Swine Nutrition

  • Also received her undergraduate degree at the China Agriculture University & Master of Science degree from the University of Minnesota

  • Over 10 years of experience planning, managing, & summarizing the company's research trials

  • Provides leadership in technical representation & customer research efforts

Ran Song_HighRes.jpg
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