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BioTuf ®

The BioTuf® liners offers a biosecure, convenient and environmentally friendly way to dispose of euthanized animals and production waste.

BioTuf liners are specially designed to line the Euthanex AgPro vessel to optimize biosecurity and provide a humane environment to the animals.

  • Designed specifically for Euthanex AgPro

  • Clean environment for animals

  • Evacuation of residual CO2

  • Optimizes biosecurity

  • Worker friendly

  • ASTM D6400 and BPI certified for compostability


BioTuf Compo-Bags have been designed to ideally fit a 5-gallon bucket and aid in the disposal of farrowing afterbirth and other production wastes.

-Optimizes biosecurity

-Worker friendly

-ASTM D6400 and BPI certified for compostability

-Fits most 5-gallon buckets

-40 lb. load capacity

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