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Dairy Research

NutriQuest® is dedicated to research that delivers innovative solutions that provide consistent and reliable results for producers and their operations. We are passionate about understanding the needs of our customers and providing research-proven products that are applicable in everyday production.

NutriQuest Innovation Targets

  • Gut Health

  • Post-Partum Metabolic Issues

  • Lactation

Meet the Researchers

Dan Schimek, MS

Director of Innovation & Nutrition Consulting

  • Received his M.S. in ruminant nutrition from North Dakota State University

  • Has over 15 years experience as a Dairy Nutritionist & Technical Service

  • Experience in developing products & technologies to serve U.S. and international dairy markets

nutriquest_2213 - Dan Schimek400x600.jpg

Sarah Schuling, Ph.D.

Dairy R&D Nutritionist

  • Received her Ph.D. from the University of New Hampshire in Animal & Nutritional Sciences

  • Experience assisting Research & Development concepts, statistical evaluations for internal research projects for customers and internal research & development

Nutriquest_0290 - Sarah Schuling.jpg

Megan Engeseth

Dairy Research Technician

  • Received her Bachelor of Science in Animal Science from North Dakota State University

  • Experience overseeing essential daily functions for research trials

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