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Dairy Nutrition Solutions

The NutriQuest Dairy Nutrition Team is a group of experienced nutritionists committed to serving dairy producers by partnering with them to develop an un-biased, customized nutrition program that delivers maximum profitability. This is achieved through a holistic approach, engaging in all aspects that influence nutrition program success.

The NutriQuest Dairy Team is committed to serving the dairy industry and delivering their customers’ consistent results with a high return.


Stay on the front end of science driving current dairy nutrition concepts and incorporate them into nutrition programs on farm.


  • Collaboration between NutriQuest Dairy Consulting team members

  • Work with leading experts in academia and allied industry

  • Interact regularly with stakeholders

  • Facilitate discussions including; feed manufacturers, barn managers, feeders & veterinarians.

Understand each dairy individually

  • Management

  • Labor

  • Cows

  • Facilities

  • Forages

  • Continuous monitoring of ingredient variation (Forages and Commodities)

Meet the Dairy Nutritionists

Mason Amundson, MS

  • 8+ years of dairy nutrition experience

  • Enjoys learning the details on farm which impact the success of the nutritional program and tailoring it to match capabilities to reach goals

  • Enjoys teaching farm team members about their nutritional programs

  • Utilizes a team approach on farm which includes all team members


Jeff Rortvedt (PAS)

  • 35+ years of dairy nutrition experience

  • Enjoys helping customers create consistent on farm protocols to create accountability

  • Detail oriented

  • Stays on top of advances in nutritional models to explain on farm results and drive nutritional decisions


Amanda Staudinger

  • 8+ years of dairy nutrition experience

  • Specializes in the evaluation of transition cow programs

  • Creates and helps heifer programs that make successful cows

  • Facilitates discussion among all team members on farm that contribute to nutrition success

  • Experience with Automated Milking Systems

Amanda Staudinger500x500.jpg

Eric Staudinger

  • 15+ years of dairy nutrition experience

  • Focuses on customizing nutrition programs to match dairy producer business plans

  • Excited to be involved in changing industry and help dairy producers take advantage of new technology

  • Utilizes a variety of metrics to evaluate nutritional success

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